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Integrated Silver Program - Online Class + 16 Hrs Driving

Our Integrated Programs are for students that have not yet begun any aspect of their Driver Education/Driver Training. If the student has already begun or has completed a Driver Education (Online/Classroom course,) then please once again click on the "OUR PROGRAMS" tab above and select "ON-ROAD PROGRAMS" in the drop-down menu. 

These driver's training programs are taught using the results-proven one-on-one coaching approach our driving school is known for, with students receiving a minimum of sixteen hours of behind-the-wheel training. That's nearly triple the state requirement of 6 hours.

Our Integrated Silver and Gold Programs intersperse driving lessons with our online driver education- prior to obtaining a learner's permit.  In addition, we have taken 16 hours of classroom material, developed by the Mercedes Benz Driving Academy, and integrated the core essence and elements of that curriculum into our behind the wheel lessons. This is possible because we have adjusted the material for a one-on-one approach rather than a classroom approach. Studies show that one-on-one instruction is exponentially more effective and efficient than group instruction, especially when dealing with adolescents. In addition, the student can conduct driving lessons while taking our online driver ed course to reinforce the learning concepts- even before obtaining a permit.

In addition, our Integrated Programs enable the student to conduct behind-the-wheel lessons while taking our online driver ed course and prior to obtaining a permit. That's because The Driving Academy, like the Mercedes Benz Driving Academy, have the ability to issue a Student License. The student can then reinforce the online learning concepts while simultaneously behind-the-wheel.  

The teen can start our Silver, Gold and Platinum Programs at just 15 years and 0 months. However, they aren't eligible to obtain a learner's permit and drive with their parents until they are 15 1/2 years old. 

The Silver Program Consists of:

  • Complimentary pick-up and drop-off service 
  • 16  hours of behind the wheel training
  • Interactive online drivers education and certification (upon completion of course)
  • Student program lesson cards outlining lesson performance
  • A Student License which allows the student to begin behind the wheel training when accompanied by a driving coach, prior to obtaining their learners permit

Integrates Theory and Practice

Our Silver Program alternates between online learning and the road, allowing teens to apply theory to practical driving situations, and improves retention by appealing to all types of learners. We are also unique in that we have been granted special permission from the State of California to issue student licenses to our students before they take their learner's permit test, thus allowing them to practice with our coaches. The teen will have completed eight hours or half of the 16 hours of behind-the-wheel training prior to conducting the supervised training sessions with a parent. As a result, the teen will have a more solid driving foundation when beginning the parent-teen supervised training sessions.

Takes Full Advantage of 6-Month Learner's Permit

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) requires a mandatory 6-month learner period from the time a driver receives a provisional learner's permit to the time they can take the DMV behind-the-wheel test. The Driving Academy spreads its program throughout the 6-month learner period, allowing teens to learn at a comfortable pace, develop decision making skills, and actually remember what they've learned.

Encourages and Facilitates Parental Involvement

In addition, we encourage and facilitate parental involvement. Parents are welcome to come along on any lesson. However, the fourth driving lesson is known as the Interim Assessment and we want the parent(s) to be present on the lesson so that they can learn coaching tips and observe their teen's progress. Also, the parents will use our program lesson cards to plan practice sessions and observe their teen's progress in a fun and transparent way.

Targets Specific Skills

The Silver program has specific dedicated lessons. We have dedicated freeway, canyon and nighttime lessons in this program. There are also lessons that can target the individual needs of the student. For example, we might use a lesson to focus on any or a combination of the following: Intersections, lane changes in traffic, pedestrian safety, parallel parking or the student's future driving destinations.


  • International coaching techniques vs. instruction to develop key decision making skills

  • Curriculum that includes progression from basic roads to urban multi-lane, canyons and freeway

  • Parental involvement through program lesson cards, parent coaching tips, and post-lesson briefings

  • Dedicated lesson involving parent prior to parent supervised training

  • Interspersed Driver Ed and Driver Training to reinforce learning concepts

  • Complimentary pick up and drop off for behind the wheel lessons - Dedicated one-on-one behind-the-wheel lessons

  • Distracted driving and safety workshop component

Price: $2,568