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On-Road Gold Program - Silver + Dist Driv/Test Prep+ Drive Test

Our On-Road Programs our designed for student's who HAVE already begun Driver Education (Online/Classroom) and/or have a learner's permit. This program includes everything in the On-Road Silver plus a Good Decision Making/Drive Test Prep plus the DMV Drive Test.

The decisions that we make as drivers can be a matter of life or death. We also uinderstand that teens don't always want to listen to their parents. This course uses the Mercedez Benz Driving Academy's coaching approach and involves discussions on a variety of high risk teen driving topics. Therefore, we have created a workshop to help teen drivers even make safer decsions out on our complex roads.

The second part of the workshop invoves preparing our teens to pass their drive test. 

There are two parts to this Good Decision Making/Drive Test workshop as follows:

Good Decison Making Workshop


Emotional and Physical State

Pre-drive decisions

Decisions while driving


DMV Test Prep Workshop

Review drive test items

Review critical driving errors

Review minor erros

Discuss requirements to pass drive test

Demonstrate successful mock drive test run

Have students drive through mock drive test course while other students evaluate

Group evaluation discussion 


We offer the following complete DMV Drive Test Service:

  • We will schedule the DMV Drive Test Appointment for you.
  • We pickup the student and prep them for 90 minutes before the test
  • We take the student to the DMV in one of our cars for the drive test
  • We return the student home after the drive test - hopefuly with a license
  • This service from start to finish takes between 4-5 hours

Price: $3,288