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On-Road Silver Package - 16 hrs behind-the-wheel

Our On-Road Programs our designed for student's who HAVE already begun Driver Education (Online/Classroom) and/or have a learner's permit.

The Driving Academy offers comprehensive driver training. Teens learn to drive under the guidance of our dedicated driving coaches in our program, which meets and far surpasses California's Driver Training requirements.

This driver's training program is taught using the results-proven one-on-one coaching approach our driving school is known for, with students receiving 16 hours of behind-the-wheel training. That's nearly triple the state requirement of six hours. Students will practice on various types of roads and conditions with a logbook to help them track their learning progress every step of the way.


  • International coaching techniques vs. instruction to develop key decision making skills
  • Curriculum that includes progression from basic roads to Urban Multi-lanes, canyons and freeways
  • Parental involvement through logbooks, parent coaching tips, and post-lesson briefings- We encourage parents to come along on any lesson
  • Complimentary pick up and drop off for behind the wheel lessons - All one-on- one

Price: $2,468