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Integrated Platinum Program - Gold + Permit Test + Road Trip

Our Integrated Programs are for students that have not yet begun any aspect of their Driver Education/Driver Training. If the student has already begun or has completed a Driver Education (Online or classroom course,) then please once again click on the "OUR PROGRAMS" tab above and select "ON-ROAD PROGRAMS" in the drop-down menu. 

The Integrated Platinum program offers everything in the Gold Package PLUS the Written DMV Test Service and a 4-hour Road Trip lesson. 


We will either schedule the student's DMV permit test appointment or we can make arrangements to take the student  to the DMV without an appointment. Please note that DMV appointments can take up to 60 days. On the day of the test,  the driving coach will pickup the student 60 minutes before their scheduled DMV written test. The coach will ensure that all of the proper documentation is on-hand. Furthermore, they will spend about 60 minutes reviewing all of the rules of the road and administrative laws prior to the written exam.  After the written test, we will sign the student's learner's permit so that the permit is activated - assuming the student has had a prior driving lesson. Finally, we will drop-off the student at home, school or other requested location. 


This lesson gives the student an opportunity to driving in foriegn driving environments using their GPS in a safe and responsible manner. For instance, will your teen ever drive to Ventura, Santa Barbara, Orange County or Mountain High after getting a license? Maybe they are on a club team or they want to go to a concert. This will give the student driver a sense of how to prepare and safely navigate to unfamiliar destinations. Also, we will reinforce what to do in case of driving emergencies and hold a one-on-one vehicle safety workshop. This workshop will consist of checking tire pressure, checking the oil and changing a tire.  


Includes all of the above advantages outlined in the Silver Package Plus:

  • DMV Written Test Service - We'll make the DMV appointment, ensure that all of the correct documents are in-hand and then prep them before taking the written test. Finally, we will return them home - hopefully with a permit.  
  • Road Trip - Prepares the student driver how to prepare and safely navigate on unfamiliar roads and destinations. 
  • Driver Safety Workshop - Prepares the student for driving emergencies and basic vehicle maintenance. 

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