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Integrated Gold Prog. - Silver + Distracted Driving + Drive Test

Our Integrated Programs are for students that have not yet begun any aspect of their Driver Education/Driver Training. If the student has already begun or has completed a Driver Education (Online or classroom course,) then please once again click on the "OUR PROGRAMS" tab above and select "ON-ROAD PROGRAMS" in the drop-down menu. 

The Integrated Gold package offers everything in the Silver Package PLUS the Distracted Driving Workshop and the the DMV Drive Test. 


This workshop is designed to demonstrate to student drivers, first hand, just how distracting a variety of activities can be.

Student will be driven to a pre-arranged location with 1 or 2 of their peers.  They will then be given the task of  performing a variety of maneuvers without distractions of any kind and then they will be required to duplicate those same tasks while being distracted. These distractions may include cell phone usage, music, loud conversation etc.

It is designed to demonstrate to the student the dangers of driving distracted.

As you may know distracted driving is the number one cause of fatalities among teenage drivers.


We offer the following complete DMV Drive Test Service:

  • We will schedule the DMV Drive Test Appointment for you.
  • We pickup the student and prep them for 90 minutes before the test
  • We take the student to the DMV in one of our cars for the drive test
  • We return the student home after the drive test - hopefuly with a license
  • This service from start to finish takes between 4-5 hours


Includes all of the above advantages outlined in the Silver Package Plus:

  • Distracted Driving Workshop - Gets teens to understand the first-hand impacts that driving distracted can have on them. 
  • DMV Drive Test  - We'll make the appointment, prep them before taking them for the drive test and then return them home - hopefully with a license!

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